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Originally Posted by jennjahn View Post
I like the guide but I'm still a little sketchy on how skills affect powers, most specifically, if it is worth it in terms of skill point costs to max the power skills to nine. Additionally, given that each of the classes give a bonus to power levels, and power seemingly "maxes" at 125; for certain classes are there skills you shouldn't max out? You don't spend all your points there b/c the extra power generated by the interaction of skill and class bonus are lost in the 125+ zone.
I'm sort of a newb at this too, and I'm not sure I'm reading the numbers right, but I'll list the "easy" breakdowns as I understand them.

Traits and consoles that give a bonus to Warp Core Training or Efficiency skills yield +1.25 power per +5 bonus at power level 25, and +0.625 power per +5 bonus at power level 50. These are cumulative, with the sum apparently rounded off to the nearest integer.

The actual skills are a bit tricky. I set my Warp Core Training skill to at least 6, which yields an even 2 power at power level 50, or 4 power at power level 25. The Efficiency skills have two 'natural' cut-offs, the first at skill 5 (for 3 power at power level 50 or 6 at 25), the second at 8 (yielding 4 power at level 50, or 8 at 25). You can go higher, but the major benefit of doing so is to max out skills. Near as I can tell, you'll just eek out one more point of power at best.

Performance skills give a bonus that's independent of power level. I'll list the bonuses here as S pairs, where S is skill level and P is power yield:
1:2, 2:3, 3:5, 4:6, 5:7, 6:8, 7:8, 8:9, 9:10

Finally, there are consoles that offer bonuses to power setting, and as far as I know they mean what they say. So if you have a "+4 engine setting" console, it adds 4 power to engines.

Hope this helps. Again, I'm not entirely sure I understand it all, so please offer corrections as necessary