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10-01-2010, 08:33 PM
As to whether it's worth it to make out power skills is not an easy question to answer. You undoubtedly getg benefits from increasing subsystem power. There are number factors which will play into the question. But there are some general rules of thumb you can follow.

If you are going to be running a subsystem at power setting 75 or higher, you will get no bonus for Warp Core Training nor Efficient <Subsystem> skills. And balance that out with you can't have more then 2 subsystems at 75 or higher. That means 2 other subsystem will benefit from Warp Core Training and Efficient <Subsystem> skills.

For me it's worth it to make out the rank of the skills because I mini-max on ships power on most of my characters. I spends a lot of skills points on those skills. If yo u want to maximimze your skills point usage use the Ship Power Calculate spreadsheet I link to in my guide. Play with the skill ranks. If you don't have a lot of trait bonuses, it's not worth it to make out Warp Core Train or Efficient <Subsystem> skills.

Ultimately the decision is up to you. Look at the benefits is increased power power levels give. Decided if those benefists are important to your are not for your character. If it's important then consider spending skills points to increase the rank of the power skills. But also look at the other ways to increase power levels BO abilities, ship equipment (ie. Efficient Impulse Engine) and consoles.

I will give one example of my making a power decision on a character. On my Eng/Cruiser captain, I was running armor consoles for the Engineering Consoles. It was OK and the shiop did OK. On Tribble, I didn't a testing build to look at the Nomad Ship model changes. On a whim, I gought and power Engine Consoles rather then armor consoles. While testing the ships in combat, those Engine Consoles made a huge different in my Star Cruiser's turn rate. that got me to investigating thngs to increase my turn rate (This was during the seaon 1.2 abilitiy changes And turning rate moved from Aux to Engine Power.). I finally settles on 2 Engine Consoles and an RCS Console. I added the Aux Power to Dampener. And now my Star Cruiser is highly manuverable. I can make anything ships of an Escort/BoP in turn rates even fast Frigates running Evasive Maneuvers. And my ship can haul like crazy at combat speeds as well.