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10-02-2010, 03:57 AM
Originally Posted by Hardolin-Vosh
One thing that has rapidly become annoying while playing is the constant random encounters I keep getting dumped into.
Other than as previously noted with DipImm, you cannot avoid DSE's jumping you while you look at the map or something. However, while moving, you can easily avoid most DSE's by flying around them. Most importantly, once you level past the zone for those DSE's, they'll never bother you again.

In fact, once you're a VA, the only way to get into many DSE's is to find one that's already opened (i.e. space-rift, rather than flying ship).

Originally Posted by Hardolin-Vosh
In the same vein, why does it keep dumping me into encounters with enemy ships 40 levels above me?
Sure sometimes there'll be a group around my level, but no sooner do I finish them off, I get jumped by five or six +42 enemies.
This is coming up because Cryptic has made accolades for completing stupidly high numbers of the DSE's. They're impossible to complete within the relevant level, even if you do nothing OTHER than DSE's!

This results in higher level people coming back to knock out DSE's for the accolade. In general, when the DSE resets after you finish it, it resets at the level of the highest dude there. You just got pulled into a DSE that some VA's been playing with.

Unfortunately, there's nothing to help you here. Just warp out, and either a) avoid the DSE's, or b) if you're trying to complete them, find another DSE.