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# 1 Feedback for trial players
10-04-2010, 02:07 AM

1) tons of bugs
2) they double charge you, sub + item shop
3) repetitive mission (same thing over and over again)
4) STF group focus ( hard to get a grp, take hrs to do one f**king stage, not for the casual player)
5) end game = same old mission made harder (Vice Admiral version of like Btran? wtf?)

i bought and play the game for a few wks, made vice admiral. repetitve but acceptable for me.

tried my 1st STF today, decided to call it quits.
what a waste of time, too tough for average player with average gears.

i play game to have fun, not to be frustrated by it.

>>> dont buy the game, there are many better games out there. <<<