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10-04-2010, 04:06 AM
i bought the game from trial was in one of the betas didnt like it then but do now. My only gripes are the same lol no multiplayer ships is a huge bleep up equal to star wars having no lightsabers. Maybe they put in eventually not sure? Pvp needs open world que's are ridiculous u hardly get to pvp ever. I would prefer to beam down to a world where its a ongoing pvp battle for dominance 24/7. Instance hell i quit ddo due to instances and it does irratate me on here loading so much but it is understandable in most cases but still would like it better if you went from 1 world leveling to the next i.e lvl 1-10 is on one planet then u go to another planet 20-30 etc open the worlds up more instead of confined little instances very iratating. Bsides that i cant complain much i would like to see the enterprise from the new movie in game not sure why it isnt already who knows.