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10-04-2010, 07:27 AM
As for STO.. i'm depressed looking at the T3 SCi ship.. I should be able to promote the whole bridge and have them do a job for me.. I mean if my ships crew is 750 I should have more then 1 Sub Commander on it..
come on Stahl need we take you to a naval base to see ranks and compliments..

Enterprise - TOS Cruiser
Captain Commanding
Commander XO
Department Heads
Medical Engineering LCDR
Ships Compliment over 400

Helm Ensign
Tactical Lt [on bridge, LT Security running the Red Shirts from the Brig]
Communications Lt
SCi the XO served this Senior Ships role as the "Ent" was a space control and exploration missions ship.

So Staffing would Add Helm for modification to maneuver and AI follow skill
Chief MEdical Officer for Mods on Health of crew /Counter Engine Plasma skills
Have a Command Deck Engineering Specialist to act like a Flight engineer does one large aeroplane.
MAin Engineering officer to be in their Department 60/40
So TAC should be a LCDR on anything over a Destroyer Escort. Security a LT
Put Boarding Parties and Prisoner control capture in the Bailiwick of the Chief of Security.
So Tactical Specialist or Primary Weapons System Officer role would separate or sub-divide the "Worfs"
Look at the Chain of Command Chart or Table of Organization for a Ship Past T2 as a major commitment or force projection of its Empire.