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10-04-2010, 10:11 AM
Originally Posted by Rovagh View Post
Federation Side:
TWoK Away Jacket
Klingon Battle Sash for Federation Klingons
Klingon Battle Garb for Federation Klingons
Klingon Long Coat for Federation Klingons
Engineer Suit(Scotty in WoK)

KDF Side:
More uniform choices IE those stated above for Federation Klingons.
Long Coat Ect...
Reitterated from my previous post but edited as some choices have been added. With the relaxed attitude of the Federation at this time Fed Klingons should be able to wear their Klingon attire. Also I think that maybe we should have a second Civilian attire slot. C-Store if nothing. Put the Klingon Garb in the C-Store for Fed Klingons and I would buy it as I know others would as well.