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# 1 now what?
10-04-2010, 10:14 AM
Was playing regularly, but real life issues interfered for a bit, so now I need to catch up...

When I left off, I was a RA, level 54-ish, doing the borg missions through the risa trans-warp conduit. Infected and terradome had just come out, and I was having problems finding groups to go tackle them. In addition, even with the high tech purple kit you could buy in that area, I was finding that my escorts were really taking it on the chin...not enough tank.

1. Is it absolutely necessary to complete those borg missions to progress in-game? (infected + terradome)
2. what are the new missions, and where do I need to warp to find them?
3. what else is critical for me to know as I get started again?

Lastly, what are your overall impressions of STO so far? Broad, I know, but I am curious. I feel like it's a good game, but PvP needs some work, and starship equipment fitting could be a little clearer.

Thanks for your responses in advance!!