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10-04-2010, 10:50 AM
1: You don't need to do the STFs to keep playing. They're just 5-man content. You can continue doing the regular missions as well as DSEs and Defend missions.

2: There's new fluid space missions and new weekly missions. For fluid you simply get them from the same contact that gives you the Gamma Orionis missions. For the weeklys you simply have to go into the new space sector. You can get there from Beta Ursae or Eta Eridani.

3: There's not a lot of missions between RALH and VA. You'll need to do Defend and B'Tran DSEs to get enough XP to advance all the way to VA1.

I like the game but it's not for hardcore power gamers. Content comes slowly and leveling can go quickly. STO's the type of game for people to play 5-10 hours a week (1-2 hours a day, max) to keep themselves from running out of content. STO's a good second game unless you really like to run several alts.