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10-04-2010, 03:24 PM
1. Yes, you can join each other in the middle of the mission in most cases. The only exception is certain missions that have multiple parts, where you warp to different locations within the mission. You might have problems getting into the same instance. But for Patrol the .... missions, it's usually no problem.

2. Any missions can be done by anyone as long as 1 person on the team has the mission. The caveat, however, is that you might not get the reward or the XP for doing it if it hasn't officially been given to you by Admiral whoever. Always hail the admiral and see if he/she gives you any new missions. No need to run around.

3. Lower levels can play higher level missions by "matching" your level. If you are squad leader, other members of the team have the option of matching your level. However, keep in mind that the lower level player will not get the mission reward for completing it, and the XP will be reduced too.

4. Have 2 characters. 1 that you play with your friend. 1 that you level up faster, like what Attilio said.

5. The mission rewards should be given to both if the mission was officially assigned. If it wasn't assigned, there will be no reward. The XP is also reduced if the player level is too low or too high for the mission difficulty. As far as loot goes, I suggest you change the mode to 'Need or Greed'. You can find this in the team settings window. With need/greed, it's much easier to divide the loot.