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10-04-2010, 05:20 PM
Originally Posted by Grouchy.Otaku
But the problem with 'mailing' BOs to Alt characters is that Email could then be used for 'storage' purposes, getting around the limitation of BO 'Slots' (where additional Slots are 'sold' in the C-Store)....

What's really needed is the ability to Email a 'training token' which could be created at some cost of merits and ECs by a qualified character with trainable skills ability, that could be 'redeemed' for a BO by Officier Skill train.

A 'Transfer Token' would also be similar, being emailed to an Alt, and 'redeemed' at the BO requisition office. The comissioned BO will still occupy his original 'Slot' until the 'Transfer Token' is 'redeemed' by the receiver....

Yeah I guess I could see that as being an issue, although one could argue the same thing about mailing regular items as well. Perhaps put an expiration date on the item in your inbox after which it gets sent back to the original sender. Seems people are using every option to store stuff they own, think the bank could use some extra slots maybe a few tabs.