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10-06-2010, 01:39 PM
Having some sort of caps in terms of number of ships and thier tier levels might be a good idea, since without it why would anyone bother to bring out anything other than all tier5?

But if they did the caps by way of "command" type captain skills then you could have one skill that increases the number of ships you can have with you. And maybe another skill that increases the max tier level of the ships you can command. That way you can choose to spec for bringing out T5 ships but at a cost to your abilities elsewhere both within the command skill tree and/or at the expense of being able to invest in other nifty more lone-wolf abilities (everything has to have a trade off).

In addition, perhaps they could add a few command type skills that unlock specialized abilities for ships (based on tiers) in your task group. That way your little T1 might not pack the punch of a T5 escort, but it's still pretty useful because it does "X special skill" for your battlegroup.