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# 1 Request: C-Store Wishlist
10-07-2010, 05:40 AM
I would like to see some items added to the C-Store.. most of them are items already in the game, so it wouldn't take much to add them to the C-Store.

1) TR-116. I would love to see this. I have a character that has a back-story of being dual commissioned Starfleet and MACO, and having a TR-116 would be awesome since in the STO Novel "Needs of the Many", MACO personnel used the TR-116 against the Undine.

2) The Orbital Weapon Platform - Another neat toy, especially good for fighting Romulans and Reman because it takes out those obnoxious plasma torpedos.

3) The Pre-Order body armor. It's not half-bad.

4) The Efficient Impulse Engine. Damn that thing is awesome. It would be even better if the C-Store version scaled with level, so at Vice Admiral we're not super slowwwwwww.

5) BEAM Turrets. This does not necessarily need to be a C-Store item, but it would be nice to have a 360' phaser beam weapon. Some of us spec for beams and not cannons, but fly ships that have crap for turning and thus use turrets to not lose too much dps when trying to line up a broadside. This would be especially awesome on the to-be-release Nebula since that thing is like a flying brick anyway.

That's about it. If you like this idea, please post a reply so that Cryptic knows this is something we want. If you agree, try to bump the thread too.. the more of us bumping it to keep it on the front page, the higher chance we have of them listening!

Adding ones from replies that I think are also great ideas!


6) Off Duty Costume Slots like the uniform slots.

7) Costumes to wear on the beach at Risa.


8) I.S.S. Prefix