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10-07-2010, 08:05 PM
Originally Posted by mtattersall View Post
◦Third Impulse leaves no trail. -Fixed

◦Phaser strips not textured correctly. -Fixed

◦Phaser strips not textured correctly. -Fixed
◦Lower pylons are too short, causing the nacelles to clip into the hull strut -Fixed

Added Flashing Lights to all variations.
Added Fed Decals to all variations.
Added 3rd Impulse Engine to all variations.

Should show up on tribble in the next patch or two.
I dont like being too pushy, but I reall would like to see some fixed for the Nebula. I noticed the consistency of the blue glow on the Nebulas nacelles have been fixed resulting in a much nicer/clean look, thats awesome. But adding the RCS thrusters, decals and lowering the Nebulas bridge cake/superstructure and then making the torpedos launch from the tip of the mission pod would do wonders for the ship. If you have time to fix the T3 ships decals, then you can do the same for the Nebula....however the Nebula may be Capnlogans responsibility.

(how torpedos should launch from mission pod below)