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10-07-2010, 11:10 PM
Originally Posted by WelshAvenger
Saw this thing running around ESB and, sure it was cute for two seconds, then I wanted to shoot it for being annoying.

And the fact that the model seems quite f-ed... Claws in the wrong position.

I also tested the Breen Biothermal dampener on a char that used the pet, and the stupid cat dosen't freeze xD (I did appolegize to the guy afterwards and he said "^^np"...).

As said there seems to de some bugs with it. For instance i noticed a guy at DS9 beaming out, but he forgot to beam his cat away too. So the poor thing was standing there all alone on the promenade, not sure where to go or wat to do... I can swear it even looked sad when he beamed out.

I mean: Who is cruel enough to leave his/her pet on a space station, with no tags, and no way to contact the owner.

We should make a Pet police, and be allowed to hunt thoose people down with force.