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10-08-2010, 05:27 AM
Originally Posted by WEII
apologies for 2 post up, didnt quite read the text correctly before the replay.

but still cant quite work out if MustrumRidcully is for for against threat.
Well, for the AI you can't go without a threat model, I guess.

But what I mean is in regard to taunting - it can't just be something that inflates some made-up threat number the model uses. It must have an actual effect that you can measure in terms of damage, healing etc. If it is just modifying that threat number but not what is acutally happening in the game, the mechanic doesn't work really in PvP.

The Draw Fire mechanic Naevius mentions is one example that "works" against NPC and players. The NPC sees an increase in the "threat" the creature generates, a player sees an exposed target. The mechanic ensures that it works both against NPCs and players. The only drawback might be that the player can choose to ignore it and not have any consequences, but since you cannot really distinguish between a fake expose and a real one that's not so relevant.

But if you just have a special ability "increase threat by 20 %" players won't notice that. They won't feel more threatened.
You need a mechanic that leads to the actual human player perceiving a "threat". A human players "threat" model is based on factors like "who deals the most damage now" "who annoys me the most" or "who provides the most healing." So any mechanic used for "aggro"/"taunt" must be based on such measures, too.
"That Yellow Glowing Aura on the Cruisre means that he inflicts +33 % damage against all ships that didn't attack him in the past 5 seconds. Can I take that damage?"
"The blue column displayed next to the Science Vessel means that it's charging up a powerful deflector blast that will repell me dozens of kilometers away and inflict massive damage if I don't interrupt it by shooting at it". "The blurred outline of the Escort means that I have a very high miss chance and probably won't inflict much damage now."