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10-08-2010, 07:08 AM
I'd like those. Additional emotes I would REALLY love to see added:

1) Sleepside - Lay down on your side like you are sleeping, not like you're in a coffin :p
2) Sitdrink - Sit and take the occasional sip from a glass. Add geometry for the glass! Don't mime!
3) Siteat - as above
4) Sitfemale - A feminine sit emote with legs together please. When wearing a skirt, my character should not be flashing her knickers!

And please PLEASE can we have the sit emotes so that our bottoms are actually on the seats?

Roleplayers are some of the most loyal gamers ever. We will still be here once the PvPers have moved to their next fix and the PvEers have all burned through the content.

We will still be here. Please help us enjoy the game we love more and more.