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10-08-2010, 07:55 AM
Originally Posted by Sleeves
The old ships are just a tough as new ones once fitted with new tech or did people forget the DS9 show "Homefront" were a old Lakota (NCC-42768) Excelsior-class refit. Toke on the Defiant and have would beat it if the Captain did hold back. You got it she held back on using the quantum torpedo the ship had. Go watch the show.
Uh no. Both ships were holding back. In a fight like that a smaller more mobile ship wins.

Old design new tech argument is dumb. The Excelsior had a long life and was able to be refit But why would you have the TOS connie here now when most if not all were refit to be the TMP Connie. The NX-01 as a refit T5 is stupid.