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I heard this as a Rumor of STO, and I think it would be a good Idea to have Vendors with specialty Items for yoru GPL (Gold Pressed Latinum). Not the ship holo emttiers, or trophies they have out, but actual in game usible items. Like heading to the klingon neutral zone on the space station you can find a ferengi, or other merchent who will sell blue, and purple items for GPL.

To balance it the items of course would be like between 10-20 times their value in energy credits. I for one have played Dabo just to get some GPL and such but as the holo emitters all burn out after 15 minutes of total usage, and I have no interest in the trophies, all it does is sit there.

Personally I would like to see a vender that will sell ship weapons, ship equipment, ground equipment consoles at the blue and purple levels. I for one would play dabo a hell of a lot if I knew I could go to a vender somewhere and buy a Mark 12, purple disruptor tactical console, anti proton mag chamber, shields, ect.

I seriously hope Cryptic devs read then and will comment on doing this.