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10-08-2010, 12:59 PM
Originally Posted by CaptMattSchwab
Because it's a game and people should have some choices about the ships they fly, not be forced into a ship they don't like.
And so you're forcing everyone else into a non-consistent setting rather than settling for something everyone can agree on?

We're not talking about finding the lowest common denominator here. We already have that. It's about affecting everyone's gameplay experience by adding something for a small segment of the playerbase that doesn't quite belong there. Cryptic should know this as well.

As for the TOS-Connie: Is it actually official that it's going to be T5? I have yet to see any official statement about this.

Bottom line: The game was never meant to be about everything Star Trek, else it would not have a single solid era, with a storyline embedded firmly in the 25th century. I also dispute the claim that an NX or a TOS-Connie will draw in the fans of the respective shows. They're already here. And those who are not still won't be satisfied with just the ship when everything else around them feels "out of place".

You will always have someone who isn't satisfied with the selection he is presented. The only question is: Where do you draw the line?

Maybe that's just my opinion, but in games such as these, people should play with each other - and not retreat into their own little world because everyone has his or her own vision of how the game should look like.