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10-08-2010, 01:52 PM
Originally Posted by Jack_Armstrong View Post
I don't know why this request is in the C-Store section, but yeah. We do need more ways to spend the GPL. Make Dabo worth playing more than just for fun and accolades/trophies. The holo-emitters, while cool and all, are too limited and consumed on use, and have such a short duration.
Maybe it's here because he's talking about a "promotion"? I dunno... Heh.

Overall I like the idea. There surely needs to be more to spend GPL on than worthless expendables and trophies that can't all be displayed. It's funny about the trophies that they give you Accolades when you buy them... You get Accolades for playing Dabo, for winning GPL, and now for spending GPL.

I remember there was dev talk that we were going to be able to buy things like special clothes/uniforms, ship parts, pets (specifically I remember a dev talking about Porthos, Archer's dog). Sure wish they'd hurry up on that.

So yeah, I vote Yes on a GPL-based Black Market Economy for weapons, equipment, consoles, armor, etc.