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# 1 Diversity in attack patterns
10-08-2010, 04:44 PM
I was watching an episode of DS9, and a battle sequence gave me an idea. There is not just one omega or delta maneuver. The Captain usually gives the order for a variation of a maneuver, such as Omega 4, or Alpha 2.

So possibly we can do something to add some diversity to our powers. Maybe an idea would be to have bridge officers be able to learn different variations of the attack patterns, or when we level we get to choose one of the variations when it becomes available for us at a particular rank.

I was thinking that maybe the variations could offer a slight change in the attribute bonuses they provide. For example, for attack pattern alpha, maybe Alpha 1 would offer more maneuverability (Which would benefit more for cruisers and sci vessels) but less damage buffs. Alpha 2 would offer some other slight change, or possibly a slight buff to a new category. Clearly this is something the devs can work out.

Clearly, this will have to be implemented to all classes for the sake of fairness. Mauybe the Science ability of sensor scan could become a little more specific, at least in name to allow the diversity (Tachyon scan, graviton scan, etc.).

I strongly believe that a little more diversity in the powers and abilities will make a significant difference in game play in a positive way if done correctly, and also add a new dimension to the strategy in all categories of combat of STO.