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10-08-2010, 09:36 PM
Originally Posted by Aris
Really? It's "lame" to make a game look and behave according to the way the IP it is based on looked and behaved? Why even play a Star Trek game if you don't want it to act like Star Trek?
Not when it's completely irrational and illogical, no.

The only reason combat looked like that in Star Trek was because of budget restraints and cheap filming techniques. If you know your Star Trek canon, you'll know that there were a LOT of retcons and changes throughout each series, and hell, even throughout each season.

Would you abolish LCARS? Originally it wasn't meant to have any animations, simply because of budget constraints on special effects. Would you insist on not having any animations on your LCARS interfaces? Would you insist on having everything be a button or a switch like it was in TOS? What about Klingons without ridges? Feral whip-wielding Ferengi?

There are some things that are inherently Star Trek and should remain so. This is not one of them.