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10-08-2010, 11:50 PM
I'm glad your extra BO slots worked for you!

Yeah, thanks to Blackavaar's Guide to Canon Colors I've made a "canon" version of each of my unlocks along with some alternates and simply made up unis.

My primary character's Uniform list:
  • Combat (A "padded jerkin" type custom uni in Aggressive stance that looks good under my Kit)
  • Fleet (My fleet's uni, I didn't make this one)
  • Off Duty (Sort of a t-shirt and jeans look)
  • TOS Command Gold
  • TOS Captain's Variant Green (w/MU Gold Sash)
  • MU First Officer's Variant Gold
  • TOS WoK Command
  • TOS WoK Command Open (Stance: Relaxed)
  • TNG Command Red
  • TNG Film Command Red
  • DS9 Command Red
  • VOY Command Red
  • STO Drone Uniform
  • Vice Admiral Jacket Uniform
  • Diplomat
  • Fizzbin Norm (white 21st Century suit)
  • Fizzbin Chill (as above, but Stance: Relaxed)
  • Mercenary (as presented in the C-Store ads)
  • Ranger (Merc gear, but less Green Beret and more "Let's all go hiking!")
  • Assassin (Black & Red robes and merc gear, looks pretty cool, I think)
  • Veteran
  • Veteran Green Alternate
My alternate Sci character has a simialr list, but for many of the "canon" outfits I made alternate colors for Command, Science, and various Medical Teals/Green, which is why she has more.