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# 10 I also boycotted the BO slots
10-09-2010, 04:26 AM
Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari
Spartan you just have such bad luck getting Dev responses.

I'm afraid I can't directly answer your questions about BO/Ship slots... I am still boycotting them as they are too expensive for per character services, especially when I feel they should be per account.

But I can say I have purchased something like ten-plus sets of Extra Costume Slots (I've lost track, and yes, I know I'm insane... what can I say, I like variety... which is funny, think of all the money Crypic would have from me if they "fixed" the Ship/BO slots...). I have had no problems whatsoever using them once I learned the "work around" to use the new slots for Off Duty clothes.

My primary character has 23 outfits, and an alt has more than that (something like 28), and I still have empty slots pending. Considering that kind of expansion, I would hope the Ship/BO slots were similar... then again, I would have hoped they were per account (and no, I'm not bitter :p).
I boycotted the BO slots, because it was my idea to extend the commissioned crew roster to 25 or 30 to eliminate the ensign rickys ( or keep them to a minimal ) and then it showed up in the C-Store and it should of been account wide. or free, i hate when good ideas are used for evil.....