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10-09-2010, 08:19 AM
Most of the disgruntled Eve players pounced on this game in it's infancy.

Look up "Starfleet Dental" on youtube.

If you are easily offended, avoid PvP like the plague it is.

Klingon ships are Over Powered in PvP, If you must PvP fly a Klingon. Most Klingon players are delusional and can not see the obvious differences in the ships spouting, "Fed ships have more Hull" as they Battle cloak and run.

If you like nerfing other people's ships, fly a Fed Sci ship.

Every new ship that comes out is Over Powered compared to the older ones, untill the QQ'rs of this forum cry enough.

Expect sudden far reaching changes to the game physics as this forum has the biggest group of QQ'rs I have ever encountered. This very small minority basically runs the game as Cryptic trips over itself to please all their conflicting whims.

On the good side it is Star Trek. It is fun most of the time. The Sehlet pet they just released is Awesome. We have a new leader at Cryptic now, hopefully he is better at weeding out the requests here.

As always time will tell.

If you need any help, PM me in game and I'll tell it to you straight. My name in game is the same as here unlike a lot of the forum members as it lets them hide their identities so they can troll.

I've been a Fleet Admiral for awhile now and have always been helpfull.