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10-10-2010, 02:29 AM
Lot of valid points from a lot of people and great ideas.

I do have one problem. Like a lot of the vets I was one of the 1st in the game and bought the CE and lifetime etc and I spend more money at the c-store then I do at the grocery store.

The problem.... I thought I was with a unique group. For example I am a Sprint Premiere member I want to buy the new HTC EVO.... I have a 150$ upgrade available. with that and the mail in rebate I am paying 199$.

I looked at the website without logging in and instead of it saying upgrade and all the touchy feeling 'We love our premier members' it said instant savings and the price for someone joining sprint is the same as for me.... see my point?

All the new lifetime subs are great and its good for you the pay slightly more then those of us loyal from the get go.

My point: wheres the real hookup for those of us that had faith in the game from day one or even before then?

A unique Boff that NO ONE else could ever hope to get? that would be sweet... or a ship that NO ONE else can fly? Or a special skill..... just ideas and voicing pretty much the only real complaint I have... was annoyed seeing the new influx of Liberated Borg.

Final thought of the day: I am excited to see where the game is heading... any idea when new faction will be available? Loved to be a breen/romulan/cardassian... or more then any Jem'hadar.

I understand the game is your property and I just borrow the rights to play it and I appreciate it and your time.

Thank you.