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# 1 AFCTF: News and Information
10-10-2010, 01:57 PM
Well, you lucky, lucky people. There's been some shifting around of assets, titles, and people, and Haz, in his infinite, majestic, and genius wisdom, saw fit to raise myself and Zero up to the lofty ranks of Co-Leaders of the Fleet. Called Ten Forward.

As part of this new deal, every member of AFCTF will pay both Zero and myself 'subs' to be members, consisting of 1,000,000 EC's a week. In lieu of that, you can take Hort into PVP and blow him up mercilessly, 30 times on the trot. Each.

No? Ohhh....okay, then.

Naturally, Krent's still admin, however, both myself and Zero wanted to be very pro-active in the running of things, and we decided a good way to kick things off into high gear would be to do a Fleet Run of the Crystalline Entity. That's right, we're both huge, huge masochists, and wanted you guys to feel the pain of running a massively bugged task. Since Terrordome won't encompass all of us, CE seemed to be the next best thing.

Tentatively scheduled for Sunday, October 31st (Halloween, people!) at the following times:

8pm BST
3pm EST
2pm Whatever that one in the middle is ST
1pm Pacific

At this point, we ARE, obviously, open to suggestions and amendments on time - however, not TOO late in the day, please, as some of us live in Europe. It was also going to be fancy dress, until Zero quite rightly pointed out that we'd be in our ships for the majority of it. However, after we kill the CE (HAHAHAHAH, yeah, right) I'm going to have a celebratory party in the lounge of my ship, and, guess what? Fancy Dress Party. The best costume will win a million ECs, too, and we'll have music provided (hopefully), courtesy of Rogues Radio - the AFCTF official radio station.

Let's rock.