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10-11-2010, 10:33 AM
Originally Posted by Crow_Splat
Would you care to elaborate on how you think making these items scale would be a disservice Otaku?

And as for these items being unavailable, I can say that the only item mentioned in this thread so far that I don't have is the multi-spatial shield (where does this one come from anyway) and I got the tr-116, the chromodynamic armor and the phaser satellite within the past two weeks and from their retail source.
By creating a class of 'Legacy' items that are not available to to the general STO community, your establishing a defacto 'Elite' class to the detriment of the general community, (We've seen this issue come up before when Vendor's Perks were first posted to the C-Store...) But if these items were added to the C-Store, then that would be a different matter

I have the 'Multi-Spatial Shield' from Direct 2 Disk (Internet Vendor) which is no longer available. Other 'limited edition' items include...
  • Radiometric Converter (which I have) a 10% chance of a EPS boost when under fire by Energy Weapons)
  • Healing Console (Atari, offered only 1 weekend)
  • Sensor Enhanced Deflector Dish