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10-11-2010, 09:25 PM
Unless they make it an actually powerful science ship for the federation, (in terms of the damn thing being able to kill things, fast, and maneuver, just like any cruiser can) which so far does not seem to be happening, I won't be spending 50 points on it, nor even 5 marks of exploration.

The turtle is a better "no weapon power" debuff-only ship, and a cruiser like the excelsior is significantly more durable than even the turtle, doing a lot more damage.

It baffles the mind really, from it's graphic this is THE ship that would look like a 4-2 configuration - Just add turning rate to that, and voila, fixed. But whatever. Let's have another 125 aux 25 weapon power ship, just less powerful and on the cstore, that'll sell well.