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10-11-2010, 11:09 PM
Originally Posted by Warem
Shrug, I think this is quite pathetic as far as "strategies" go, and about as ethical as if you found that activating power X + Y while doing Z disconnected a player and kept using it to gain free kills.

Even if the team had come to the spawn point, they would then have been even worse off, because now they would have faced your entire team minus the dead people who spawn with no shield and weapon power.

The only two viable strategies at that point is to tell the people being spawn camped to not appear until you have visual confirmation of the players who were stalking them (since they could just be cloaked nearby), and essentially give away 3 kills since you'll be fighting 5 on 3 until they can get to you, or full impulse to the edge of the map, drop map, and reward the Klingons with no exp and no marks for their troubles.
Well players that far along in the game should understand the power system. Emergency power to X system... Battaries. Hell Engine Batt Evasive... get some distance recharge powers bingo your in buisness.

I have had Countless feds try and spawn camp me in Ker Rat. None of them have ever caught me with out taking some lumps, as couldn't get my power back up. I have went down sure... but one two come with.

I can't believe anyone complains about this issue. If YOU are being "Spawn Camped" Wait until your skills are cycled before you respawn... Figure out how you are going to get yourself out of the situation.

If these poor souls team mates had come back they would have easily beat back the "Spawn Campers" comming back with full shield and full hull is kind of a good thing isn't it. Power can be maxed in no time. It is a None issue... or at least it should be.