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10-12-2010, 01:19 AM
I have no way of knowing how well the camping is being done, but if it's down to an art, you can't get away (as a non-battle cloaker) Yes, I sometimes take out a BoP with me out of 5 attacking, but I'm still dead - and worse, back to square one.

It's really quite simple, you have someone attack and do the usual stuff (tractor, wap plasma, etc) while someone else remains cloaked - if by some miracle the prey escapes, you are chasing him full impulse vs his evasive + emergency power, you'll win. He's likely already hurt from 4-5 alpha strikes, so as soon as the evasive wears off, you decloak, tractor again (his anti tractor will be on timer) and blow him up. (The 2nd tractor is just to add insult to injury, it's totally not required).

Now make sure the chasers are 2 people, just for more comedic value and to make sure the escaping ship doesn't even have a small chance, while the rest of the fleet is hyper+emergency to engines after the sucker.

Of course, this is just re: kerrat, which had nothing to do with the topic originally being discussed.