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10-12-2010, 10:12 AM
Originally Posted by Warem
I think I'll settle for 4-2 for balance purposes and a 12 base turn ratio (which the turtle currently has!). But we need a decent 125 weapon power science ship, which we currently don't have.

I didn't know that it already had a turn rate based at 12. I have been reading the tribble forums and it was my understanding that the turn rate was around 8. Glad to know they bumped it to 12. The issue about having a 4/3 weapons layout still stands. There is hard cannon in the TNG episode I already referenced with the U.S.S. Phoenix blowing the hell out of cardassian war ships and even an outpost; as the Nebula is currently armed on tribble, it is a far cry from it's cannon predicessor. One more issue from tribble I forgot to mention earlier is the loss of the 9th console slot. The general consensus on tribble is that the 9th console slot needs to be added for a 3/3/3 layout to make the Nebula a great ship. I hope cryptic is reading tribble and implementing the suggestions being made by the community; failing that I fear that it will be craptasitc and no one will want it because a star cruiser can do what the nebula does, only better.