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10-12-2010, 02:55 PM

I understand that it might seem like a good idea to "make noise about it", but the best thing to do is quietly contact the developers so they can quietly fix it. I guarantee you there are players out there (who were unaware up until this point) who are now hopping online to abuse the heck out of this bug.

Cryptic will fix it at the speed at which Cryptic can fix it. Often that ends up being slower than is good for the health of the game. The more people abuse it in the meanwhile, the worse it will be (and it's unlikely they'll fix it any more quickly).

The last time I heard someone use the "if everyone knows about the bug, then the developers will HAVE to fix it quickly" line, it took the developers a month to fix and a month after that the plug was pulled on the servers and the company went out of business. The exploitation of any bug, any form of cheating, harms a game. At a bare minimum it harms the reputation of the product, and causes people to shy away from using that product - not a good thing for business when you're talking about an MMO.