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10-12-2010, 02:56 PM
Originally Posted by Revlot
Correct, they never take the 10 items from my inventory and they allways grant the reward. I have been playing exclusivly 'Aid The Planet' missions. I have moved on to another sector of space, so I am not exploiting the bug, as my mission logs can attest to (I hope it has allready been checked). I just think that this sort of bug would be kept quiet by most players, and therfore gone un-corrected. But by making this much of a noise over it, and now so many people looking for the bug themselvs, it will most certinly be fixed with the next patch. I am doing the dev team a favor by going about it this way, to my thinking.
That's been happening off and on for quite some time in different sectors. I had one run while I was grinding diplomatic XP on my main character that gave me 5 back to back that didn't take them, and the next one did. It's a pretty random bug in my experience.