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10-12-2010, 11:57 PM
That's my point.

I see many many QQ's from Klingons that are wronged by Cryptic's unfairness yet they start with an advanced character.

I do see your point, but none of you will ever convince anyone but a fellow delusional that a BoP can't out turn anything the Feds have.

Battlecloak is so broken it's laughable. It doesn't even follow Trek rules. Without a deflector shield the cloak can not form, yet Klingons routinely pop BC and run away to return shortly at full strength. Pop a shield restoring power so there's even a bit of shield there and I'd buy it, but I've had a BoP down to a sliver of hull and whoops BC! Be right back.

To the OP:

If you don't mind fighting unfair fights then this game won't bother you. If you do, you need to know that everything in this game is going to fight unfairly. From the PvE enemies with their numerous holds to the PvP enemies with their numerous holds, you will not see a fair clean fight.

Fair and clean being defined as a fight without holds.

This game also shoves the fact it's an MMO in your face at all times. You basically need a fleet to reliably PvP. This game should feature the Borg instead of the Federation as it's showcase species as that's what an MMO is all about. If you routinely need 4 other guys to follow you to the bathroom and help, then you won't mind this game. "We are a MMORG, you will be assimilated."