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10-13-2010, 07:54 AM
Originally Posted by Cormoran View Post
The c-store isn't going anywhere regardless of anything we say for or against. They didnt get rid of it in city of heroes, they haven't gotten rid of it in champions online and they won't get rid of it in STO.

I think the best we can do is make sure they stick to their original promise with the c-store, anything that can be advantageous should have an ingame way of acquiring it.
i agree with you, there s nothing we can do about the C store...just hoping we can one day have access to all its contents via in-game currency.

However i would not hold my breath...lately they make some strong statement about the C store and the game in general...meaning they have the right to change any policy and we should not hold on what has been said in the past but rather look ahead.

Over the last few months C store items had different way to be obtained... C store only, C store or 5 sub, C store or 500 emblems, C store T5 and in game currency T3 etc... it looks like they are testing various way of marketing them or just using the most profitable way depending of its potential.
For example if the Nebula was sold like the Excelsior is now(T3 in game and T5 c store) and if the Excelsior was sold the way the Nebula is going to be(T3 and T5 with in game currency) they would probably make less money.

Mr Stahl made a very good statement the other day saying that he has sales i guess if he can t make them with subs he has to find other ways.