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10-13-2010, 10:40 AM
Originally Posted by Foxrocks
How does a cloaking thread turn into a full fledged nerf-science-some-more thread? No, just no.

On topic, the only thing that I think needs to be done with cloak is to remove the decloaking damage buff. It is completely and utterly unnecessary. The surprise factor is more than enough to do some serious damage before the enemy can react.

However, I've said it plenty of times, cloak detection needs to be very much refined into a much more in depth minigame of sorts. As it is, cloak detection is just too binary. You either find them, or you have no clue whatsoever. There needs to be a gray area in there, where cloak detection knows they are in the area, but can't pinpoint them.
I realize that you were not referring to me with the nerf science comment, but just for the record I have Sci captains on both sides and they are my favorite toons. I will leAve the science discussion for another thrad.

I agree that the damage buff just out of cloak is a little odd, but I don't think removing it helps solve the wait-fest problem FvK or the game-of-chicken in KvK that sees everyone cloak.

I agree with your suggestion to improve cloak detection. I have been calling for that since Beta and the Beta version of Mask Enegy Signature. The Devs soluion on that onewas to disable the power for many months without discussion, rework, or even an ETA for a fix. I can't see them doing that to cloaks or even MES now, but I've not been impressed with their previous stealth/invisible solutions.

I've proposed a passive boost to12k distance for sci SHIPS as an inherent (full disclosure my fed Sci Captain flies an Intrepid Refit and a Defiant refit) rather than BTSx level 1 skills. Ive also proposed a sci BOff skill that boosts detction to 7/9/11k distance for 10 seconds. Regardless, effective cloak detection should be more readily available if we intend to leave the current cloak with incentives to play the waiting game.