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10-13-2010, 10:56 AM
Originally Posted by Captain Data
Aux is used to strengthen the cloaks stealth. The drain/recharge would be dependent on skill points and level.
I was unaware of this and have seen no difference in effects based off of low (25) aux. It seems to me that the cloaking should work off of current shield power levels instead, since that is the power scrificed in order to use cloaking.

If you have FBP 3 and full specced into it you would have lets say initial drain drain of -5 for 3 seconds when it starts to recharge but if you have FBP 2 it would have drain of -5 for 5 seconds then recharge and so on and so forth. All it would do is make people be judicious with use of multiple aux skills. If you want to use 5 skills that are aux heavy you can expect a -25 drain with various rates of recharge to correspond to the various skill levels and points specc'd
This will only further nerf science players and any player using cloaking, while leaving Engineering completely alone.

the numbers I am using are purely SWAGs for discussion purposes but I hope illustrates the mechanic I think would work overall and help PvP become less of a resist spamming it has become lately.
Why when anybody develops a productive means of increasing thier survial within the rules of any game, other feel the need to nerf it?
Resistant stacking/spamming is only a good defense for as long as said powers are in effect and only as good in effect in proportion to how much Aux power is pumped into them.
AuxDamp 15 second duration / 30second recovery
AuxSif 10 sec duration / 15 second recovery
TSS 15 second duration / 45 second recovery
PH 15 second duration / 45 second recovery
So on an average of 10-15 seconds of better damage resistance versus a 30-45 second cooldown is hardly game upsetting or unbalancing and does not need a nerf to make it less effective. All vessel can use these abilites to some degree and nerfing thier use will only push STO back into "Engineering online" leaving the Tactical and Science classes as very squishy and squishy again.
Considering that all the resistant buffs can be removed to some degree by APB, TB, GW, SNB, PSW , EWP and other ingame abilities, I see no issue with thier use ingame.

Originally Posted by Foxrocks
How does a cloaking thread turn into a full fledged nerf-science-some-more thread? No, just no.
First yiou have to feel that your gameplay is not what it should be for your favorite class and that is a problem that lies in the other class archetypes and not your own choice of builds, skill, etc. Once establishing that your inability to perform as you think you should is not by any fault of your own (in your own mind) , you move to the forums and express the need (once again importance is inflated by ones own reasoning) that a change is needed for the betterment of the game as a whole (with little detrimental effects to one's own play style of choice) and continue to push said ideas hoping that other will see your brillaince (once again magnified in one's own mind) and implement them.
Of course I'm being caustic and snarky in my attitude but this is exactly what rational I feel is being justified everytime I see a potentially game changing and unneeed nerf.

On topic, the only thing that I think needs to be done with cloak is to remove the decloaking damage buff. It is completely and utterly unnecessary. The surprise factor is more than enough to do some serious damage before the enemy can react.
As long as it is removed from all vessel who benefit from such a buff, I have no problems. Though I would like to see said vessel have a slight increase in Hull or Shield points to compensate.

However, I've said it plenty of times, cloak detection needs to be very much refined into a much more in depth minigame of sorts. As it is, cloak detection is just too binary. You either find them, or you have no clue whatsoever. There needs to be a gray area in there, where cloak detection knows they are in the area, but can't pinpoint them.
I agree.