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10-13-2010, 11:40 AM
Actually a lot of the engineering powers use aux also, especially if they offer a resist, aux to SIF, Aux to ID, Aux to Batteries I am sure I missing a couple.

Roach i believe they made cloak detectability % based on aux levels when cloaked. I believe this was done for 1.2. I do not want to nerf nothing but make the game mechanic more consistent across the board. If they did weapon power similar to way aux worked everyone would cry. Maybe I am little jaded by the fact that there are skills that are supposed to counter things but do not in this game. Polarize hull doesn't counter tractor beams it has a CHANCE to counter tractor beams and other holds. Sci skills are the only thing that can be removed after the fact not negated. Building sci on the weapon drain mechanic would help, it wouldn't be nerf it would be a strategic modification.