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10-13-2010, 12:51 PM
It Could be argued that sci does work the way weapons systems do. Systems already share a common cool down. You can't chain two deflector skills such as say Tachyon and Energy siphon; for one example.

Weapons work by Instantly returning power when there cycle is done... so the short "no" global on the nrg weapon slots mean you have reduced damage.

Aux sci skills also instant return the power if you look at it that way. And just as you can't fire off all your torp tubes at once... you can't fire multiple sci skills out of one sytem. Torp tubes have a 3 second global most sci system skills trigger a 15 sec global (Def, EM, Sen)

However if I trigger a EM skill say Pol Hull it runns at my current power (returns the power instant like) and then I activate a DEF skill say tachyon same power level.

If your saying the power should slowly recharge like weapon power USED to... thats another thing.