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10-13-2010, 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by Husanak View Post

If your saying the power should slowly recharge like weapon power USED to... thats another thing.

I am but the drain mitigated by skill points and the aux dependent skill level like FBP 1 would have the same drain slower recharge and FBP 2 would have the same drain a little faster recharge, FBP 3 would have the same drain with the fastest recharge. If you chain like Aux 2 Sif 3, FBP 2, and HE2, the initial drain would be less then or equal max drain with various recharge rates. So lets say all aux skills use -5 to aux so 3 abilities would only have a max drain of -15 but in actuality it would be less since you cannot activate said skills at the exact same time so after Aux to SIF is activated it is recharging as you hit FBP2 is activated you may be at -3 aux then you add the -5 from the FBP so on ans so forth. The thing it does makes it a penalty to activate numerous aux skills at once.

While this will effect sci ships, it does have a limited affect on cruisers also, and little to no effect on escorts.