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10-13-2010, 02:40 PM
I love the Delta Flyer, but as far as I know it was a one-shot design and never replicated by Starfleet. Of course it'd be possible to just "invent" a new shuttle class based on the Delta concept, but then again, I'd be more in support of implementing the shuttle classes that really should be in the game:

General Concept: Shuttles are represented as device items. One device will enable a player of any Starfleet career class to launch a single shuttle of its respective type. Every shuttle can be destroyed and has a durability roughly equal to the fighters employed by some other stellar empires such as the Klingons, the Orions or the Breen. Each shuttle device can be reused indefinitely, but has a cooldown of ~5 minutes.
  • Danube-class Runabout
    Role: Tactical (DPS)
    Behavior: Once activated, the Runabout will launch off into the direction its mothership is currently facing, engaging all hostile contacts it encounters on its way. If no enemies are encountered after achieving a distance greater than ~30km from its mothership, the Danube will attempt to return to the shuttlebay (if successful, the cooldown of this device could reset immediately).
    Available at: Tier 5 (RAdm)

  • Type-IX Shuttlecraft
    Role: Science (Scout)
    Behavior: Once activated, the type-9 will fly off and circle its mothership at a distance of ~10km, extending its visual detection range and randomly scanning for cloaked ships. After five minutes, the shuttle will return to the hangar.
    Available at: Tier 4 (Cpt)

  • Type-VI Shuttlecraft
    Role: Engineering (Recovery)
    Behavior: Once activated, the type-6 will fly off into the direction of the closest spatial anomaly and attempt pickup. If successful, it will continue to do so until destroyed or no other anomalies are present on the map, at which point the shuttle will return to its mothership (if successful, the cooldown of this device could reset immediately).
    Available at: Tier 3 (Cdr)

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