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10-13-2010, 05:00 PM
Originally Posted by VexusPrime
Problem: Balancing Cloak. Battle Cloak and Mask Energy Signature

Proposed Solution: Require a power drain.

Canon: as per Spock in TOS and confirmed numerous times elsewhere in Canon works, the problem of bending light (AKA cloaking) was the enormous power it required.


In PvP cloaking (Nebula or not) creates an incentive to remain out of the fight until your key abilities recharge. Things like RSP, Evasive Maneuvers and Batteries make Battle Cloak infinitely more effective. With the nerf to RSP this will only further BoP wait-fests that make for boring and lopsided PvP. Just to be clear, my Klink toon is in a BoP, and it's my favorite ship ... but without a cloaking solution, I fear for the vibrancy of the Klink faction--and for future Romulan PvP.

Regular Cloak and Mask Energy Signature are less problematic, but still unbalanced. There really is no counter for most players. You can't always pick your teammates, running 125 Aux truly gimps most playstyles, and forcing a ship (Nebula) or BOff choice (Mask Energy Signature to fight fire with fire) are klunky solutions.

I propose making a slow energy drain while cloaked. In 30 seconds of cloaking it would drain every system down to 25. Sure, you could have efficiencies to bring that back up and/or use the Emergency Powers skills to counteract it upon decloaking, and an EPS console or two to quicker recover the drained energy, but all of these things require using resources. Perhaps the numbers would need to be tweaked, but the goal would be to make cloaking most useful in extreme emergencies or in short intervals. Nobody likes waiting in an arena for a team of BoPs to fully recharge every BOff power before 5 seconds of alpha-strike combat followed by a made escape dash until Battle Cloak recharges and complete immunity allows forever to recharge and heal.

As difficult as it is to get consisten PvP games in STO, we don't need bore-fests where players leave the match mid-game from sheer boredom. And if you have seen the KvK queues lately, the who-will-uncloak-first waitfest is even more boring than FvK games.

The Nebula isn't and shouldn't be the only decent cloak detection. Random sensor scanning is Wasteful, boring, and captain-specific. Adding an canon-correct energy requirement would make the forever-cloaking borefests obsolete.

What are your thoughts on adding an energy drain requirement?
The cloaking device does indeed require a great deal of power, however since the shields do not function while the cloak is operational, the power from the shields is routed to the cloaking device (why do you think they drop the moment cloak is activated..).

Nerfing Klingons (and cloaking feds) further is not necessary, so no thanks.