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10-14-2010, 12:33 AM
I will just add some info...

Photonic officer

I would like just point one thing about photonic officer 3. The skill is somewhat useless. Since most powers have global cooldowns on 2/3 of the power cooldown, you will never utilize the benefit. At least I haven't found powers, which have different ratio.

Version II already is around 30-33%, which puts the cool down on your powers on global timer (like if you double ranked the power.)

The only real advantage is, that you want to free your lt.cmd slot for some III powers and sacrifice your cmd. slot instead.

Also, compared to tactical initiative, after the photonic buff expires, the speeded-up cooldows are reset back to their original numbers

Scramble Sensors
The power continuously tries to switch your target to any object currently visible on your screen. If there is no targetable object on your screen, the power does nothing.

You can rotate your viewscreen away from other objects and you wont be affected by the debuff, except for the green sparkles.

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