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10-14-2010, 08:48 AM
I'll update this later tonight when I have more time. Obviously there are a lot of blanks to fill in, and some descriptions need to be expanded on regardless, which may take a lot of time. But I should get all the cooldown info done today.

Ideally what I want is to have very in depth power descriptions. I want a newbie to read the info on a power, and be able to know what it does, mechanically. The exact numbers I'm not going to bother with since they vary greatly based on build.

But I want to explain what a power does, and how it does it, so you aren't mystified by the descriptions in game, or wonder what helps this power do things better, or if some things are static and won't improve with investment.

Because of the nature of science powers, two people may use the same power for entirely different reasons. One might want Gravity Well for the immobilization, another may want it for the damage. To get the most out of their builds, those two players will end up emphasizing different things, despite using the same power. Science is not as straightforward as the other classes of powers in game, so I hope to give the information here that helps show what improves what, how it works, etc.

How is the organization and format? Is it easy to read, is the information organized logically to people? Should more information be separated out like the system cooldowns and counters? Is there an entire information category missing that should be in there?