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10-15-2010, 01:37 AM
Originally Posted by Foxrocks
I hate math. Someone else can have that fun.
You don't love math. Look at those curves! It's beatiful.
When I find the time, I want to look into it.

I like designing game rules and systems. And you need math for that to make it work. I mean, you can make game rules without really thinking what the numbers will mean, but then you will only get a good system by accident. I am kinda worried that Cryptic isn't doing really the "number-crunching" do understand the implications of their system. I think the numbers in STO are all over the place and that they work when they work is mostly due to the fact that they tried it until it worked, without designing it to work.
I could be wrong. Figuring out the math they use is a step to prove or disprove it, and cna also point a way to "fix" the game balance.