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10-15-2010, 03:17 PM
Have fun. I've had more than enough math for one lifetime. I do know the aux curve is linear like the weapons curve, and the other power curves, I believe.

I do think Cryptic is doing the numbers system with some definition, that is what the season 1.2 patch and the categories was all about. The problem of course is that so many science powers are stuffed into categories that make them underpowered because they aren't available often, or doubling up on them gives weak benefits.

Skills also provide some very poor benfits to some powers, and is actually another area I want to look into, but I believe the skill curve is also linear, just that when dealing with some powers with small magnitudes, a console that adds +18 is a waste of space. That may be where the math breaks down, and consoles need to vary significantly to provide more noticeable benefits that compare with other consoles. Did you know that a Sensor Probe console only adds about 0.3 seconds to viral matrix? I really want to use a console that gives me a fraction of a second. /sarcasm

At anyrate, I believe the information is all there now. So I'm done until someone find something to fix or clarify or insert more info into the posts. By all means give me more stuff to do.