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Under the character assignment tab where you have many BOs waiting to be commissioned( cause Cryptic is has dropped the ball on additional BO slots for the Vice Admiral rank) their text has changed to white instead of their respective color in regards to rarity. that make it undesirable to glance at your roster for trades and posting on the exchange please change it back ( and give us like 5 BO slots for each Vice Admiral Admiral ,and Fleet Admiral. The C-store alternative per character in ridiculous)

I can now buy opposing faction officers on the exchange, but not use them??????
and the new exchange system of having to right click to see skills sucks i want it the old way!!!!! where if you ran your cursor over the officers name it showed skills.!!!!!!!

I hate the new exchange system now it take forever just to see what LVL III skills a BO has!!!!

The exchange patch is all messed up It needs to go back to the way it was or it makes buying anything off of there a hassle, and there is rumor that we cannot sell in bulk anymore?

When i right click (hate it) on a non commissioned officer to check skill it is showing the last officer i looked at on the exchanges stats and race.

after oct 16 patch text does not correspond to rarity and the exchange does not take to to the top of the next page when you go to a new page!!! it just leaves you at the bottom of the new page????

Alos the new FX for the warping is terrible it is un smooth and choppy and sounds like a trans warp failure....
Thank you.