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10-16-2010, 04:11 AM
Originally Posted by 2007-2007
I don't like sound like a broken record but why not doing these patches on Thursdays instead of weekends? This patch is way too big for the average ISP and bugged. Now they have to apply a patch to fix a patch. It's not the first time since it happened many times before with previous seasons.
I'm thankful for the great work that goes into development but can we do this every Tuesday/Thursday instead of a weekend? A new series should start on a weekday rather than on a weekend to save all players the headache of buggy patches. Most people on STO play on weekends so please do it for the public good.

because who doesnt like a nice weekend release? and i have a feeling that this patch wasnt excatly schedueled, it only got added because of yesterdays patch.